About the Editor

Elizabeth Miller is a member of the law faculty at Baylor Law School, and is a nationally recognized expert on the law of limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. She currently serves as the reporter for the revision of the American Bar Association's Prototype Limited Liability Company Act, and she was among the principal drafters of the ABA's Prototype Limited Liability Partnership Act and Prototype Limited Liability Partnership Agreement.

About Data Trace

Data Trace Publishing Company, a leader in business law publishing, publishes LLC forms and practice manuals covering 35 states. In addition, we publish national and state-specific forms and practice manuals in various fields of law such as employment, secured transactions, estate planning and corporation law, and are continually increasing our library with new topics and additional states. The majority of our manuals are accompanied by a forms CD containing full agreements and modular provisions as an added bonus to help expedite forms creation.